Product Overview

BIMswitch contains copyrighted content and a proven approach to transition 2D floor plans to 3D models, quickly, easily and accurately. A do-it-yourself package includes educational materials, screenshots, links to resources and instructions on how to use specialized plugins. Revit templates standardize model set up and more than 900+ lightweight 3D objects allow for optimal rendering, clear 2D representation, and flexible use. Track progress on conversions at each step of the process, providing modeler and administrator views of workload.

The Processes

Don’t think, just build. With our proven methodology, users can learn how to:

  • Perform the field verification of existing conditions
  • Build the model with available data
  • Audit the model to ensure a well built and easy to maintain model for the future
  • Link an adjacent building into a model
  • Combine several models into one model for producing renderings and other purposes
  • Produce quality renderings of the completed model
  • Standardize an existing Revit model from an architect to your internal standard

The Tools

Our custom built plugins simplify and speed up the process of developing and managing models long-term by:

  • Assisting in developing unique space identifiers
  • Cleaning up models provided by architects and engineers
  • Rapidly developing standardized sheet sets
  • Exporting various files from the model following each update
  • Easily upgrading all models to the newest version of Revit on a yearly basis

Our custom built model checker rule sets significantly speed up the model auditing process while improving model quality. Rule sets are provided for Solibri and for the Revit Model Checker and are intended to work together to complete model auditing.

The combination of custom Revit templates and our lightweight family library ensure consistent and clear representations of your buildings while minimizing file size.

Project Tracking

The built in project tracking tool allows an administrator to view all BIMswitch conversions in progress and completed in their organization. Individual modelers can update the status of each stage of their project and add notes regarding their conversion. All of the project tracking information can be exported to a spreadsheet for easy visualization.

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